manifesto bottom optinI’m thrilled to announce that I’ve written my first eBook–The Go-Getter’s Manifesto: How law students can start taking career matters into their own hands.

About The Go-Getter’s Manifesto

There’s an epidemic of dissatisfaction and disempowerment among law students and lawyers. And while some of it may seem petty, this pervasive state of discontent is driving too many current and would-be lawyers to drug addiction, alcoholism, and suicide.

Soooo, is everyone OK with this? I sure hope not.

I wrote this manifesto because I want better for this profession. This manifesto is for those of us who want to be lawyers and vibrant human beings. It’s for folks who are willing to approach their careers differently in order to escape the rather depressing status quo.

While this manifesto was written for law students, many people who aren’t in the legal profession are saying that it’s just the boost they needed.

In The Go-Getter’s Manifesto, I share my 4-step process for how to stop settling in your career (and life, really). I also share a personal story about how I gave up complaining and started creating the career I always wanted.

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My Digital Hiatus + A Script and 4 Tips for Responsible Unplugging

by Titilayo Tinubu Ali | Follow Titilayo on Twitter Here

I’ve always prided myself on being the ultimate multitasker.  I feel more in sync and on my toes when I have several things going on.

But this year, I’ve resolved to bring more focus into my life.  I’m developing the skill of directing my attention on discreet goals in focused chunks of time.

Singular, laser-like, piercing FOCUS.

As a step towards that goal, from January 3 through March 3, I’ll be on a digital hiatus–a sabbatical, if you will.

This is partly because I just like the word “sabbatical,” and I’ve always envied my mom (a professor) for being able to take one.  But it’s mostly because I am working on one major thing that requires my full-on focus: preparing for the bar exam. [click to continue…]

Best of 2013. Sneak Peek Into 2014. THANK YOU.

by Titilayo Tinubu Ali | Follow Titilayo on Twitter Here

tyjdjobcoachThank you for making 2013 the best year in the history of JD Job Coach.

::  You listened to my podcasts as I nervously channeled my inner Oprah and interviewed some fantastic people who are inspiring law students to take career matters into their own hands.

::  You downloaded The Go-Getter’s Manifesto, read it, and shared it.

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9 Tips for Finding Winning Writing Topics

by Titilayo Tinubu Ali | Follow Titilayo on Twitter Here

grammys55In a crowded job market, one of the ways you can set yourself apart is by gaining expertise in a particular area of law and writing about it.

Even if a law firm doesn’t have an opening in that practice area, writing articles and entering writing contests show that you have the research chops and discipline to analyze a topic deeply.

One opportunity that I’m particularly fond of is the GRAMMY Foundation’s 2014 Entertainment Law Initiative Writing Competition.

Earlier this year, I wrote about my experience as one of last year’s winners. In this post I’m answering the big question everyone is asking:

How do I find a good writing topic?

Read on for my 9 Tips for Finding Winning Writing Topics. (Note: I use entertainment law as an example because it is the focus of the GRAMMY Foundation’s writing contest, but this approach applies to any area of law.)

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JD Job Coach PodcastThe mission of the JD Job Coach podcast is to produce a monthly show interviewing the world’s most fascinating lawyers and law students whose personal stories inspire and empower others to take career matters into their own hands.

In this second episode, attorney Karyn Osinowo shares her best tips on personal branding, attorney marketing, and how to build confidence and competence as a new attorney.

We jammed on everything from business, to non-sleazy self-promotion, to social entrepreneurship and Jay-Z (yep).

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[Q+A Friday] Should I include religious information on my résumé?

by Titilayo Tinubu Ali | Follow Titilayo on Twitter Here

Photo from flickr by zeeveez

Q: I’m very active in my church and my spiritual practice is a big part of my life. I feel like leaving my religion off of my résumé would be disingenuous, but others have told me to stay away from including my religion on my résumé. What should I do?

A: I can understand how it might feel disingenuous to leave this important aspect of your life off of your résumé. But instead of thinking of your résumé as a comprehensive biographical document, think of it as a strategic marketing tool.

Generally, I would advise against including anything that indicates your religious affiliation on your résumé (with one exception below). Here are three reasons why:

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7 Go-Getters You Should Know and 7 Lessons You Can Learn From Them

War stories of dissatisfied lawyers abound, but we rarely hear about lawyers who are thriving in their careers. From time to time, I will post profiles of lawyers I personally follow and find inspiring for different reasons. These lawyers have managed to create synergy between the profession and their passions and are great examples of [...]

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